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Spend more time on
things that matter,

rather than arguing who owes whom and how much

How it works?

Split Pizza

Split bills painlessly

Simply input an amount of money spent, select who participated in the expense and let the app do all the dirty work. It will calculate each participant’s debt and provide you with comprehensive reports in any currency using up-to-date exchange rates.

Save your head and wallet from annoying bills

Keep track of your joint expenses together. Invite friends to give them an opportunity to make entries, analyze reports and settle debts. Besides, all your group entries are securely saved on the server, so you will never lose anything.

Save your head and wallet
Plan your budget

Plan your budget

There are different categories of expenses to choose from: food, housing, transport, shopping, etc. Select one while adding new expense, and get an overview which will show how much money you spent and on what you spent it. It will help you to adjust your cash flow and keep it healthy.

Avoid messy debt settlements

Don’t mess with cash and don’t worry about having no change - the app will suggest who should pay the next time, to avoid giving back money. It is so easy to settle debts when you actually don’t have them, isn’t it? :)

Avoid messy debt settlements


No registration

Start using app in seconds without registration or internet connection.

All currencies

Add expenses and settle debts in any convenient currency.

Works offline

All changes made offline will be synchronized with the server when internet connection is available.

Cloud backup

Never lose your data, even if you decide to change your phone.

Shared access

Invite friends and track shared expenses together.


We care about your privacy. Spend Together requires no personal data.

Shared expenses without
shared suffering

Get the app right now and enjoy spending together!